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Wine that does good

Making the future brighter one bottle at a time

Wouldn't it feel great to know that with each bottle of delicious wine, you are helping a cause in need? La Vang Wines has created a platform to both enjoy delectable wine and give back to those in need. We want to help you help others. Pick from our best selection below and support local communities today!

What We’re All About

La Vang Wine Company is a non-profit that raises money for various charities and projects through selling wine. Inspired by the appearance of Mother Mary in La Vang, Vietnam, we strive to take care of those around us by providing funds and support. We give our customers an option of the finest wines to help


Created in the famed vineyards of Napa Valley, our wines are curated and selected by volunteer sommeliers. We work with different wineries around Napa and Sonoma who understand our mission. They are both supporters and partners in the pursuit of unity, one bottle at a time. 

About our wine

Making the future brighter one bottle at a time

Something about the wine. Where/what it's created and bottled... 

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